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Free Set customized push notifications alerts & sounds that will automatically be sent to your iPad, iPhone or iPod Touch.
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WeNotify enables you to set customized push notifications alerts & sounds that will automatically be sent to your iPad, iPhone or iPod Touch. You simply install AltaMail from the iOS App Store on your iPhone or iPad and enable notifications in the App settings. WeNotify is a helper application that runs in the background on your Mac or PC, and automatically checks all of your email accounts to then push your customised alert to your device in real time.
So, how does it work? Once WeNotify is set up on your Mac or PC you create a personal notification profile that will enable you to fully customize how and when you want to receive push notifications on your iPhone or iPad. In AltaMail, you can set one of over 30 alert sounds for an email account, person or any subject or content you wish. This means if you are waiting for a particular email you will know exactly when it arrives.
You can also set a push notification schedule for each account or overall for all email accounts. This means you will only receive push notifications at certain times of the day, which is extremely useful for personal and work email accounts that you may only what to see in the evening or during work hours. If you want to copy key schedule timings to all other days just use the “Copy to all” option to apply them accordingly.
If you are in a meeting or simply need to suspend push notifications for 10 mins, an hour or all day this can easily be done in just two taps! There is even the ability to link your calendar to push notifications, any events that match certain keywords will automatically trigger the notification suspension function and re-enable it once the scheduled event ends. This can be done for individual or multiple calendars depending on which settings you choose.
WeNotify is a free app, the push notification service in AltaMail for iPad or iPhone is activated on your iPad or iPhone when you set up the push notification function.
Here are the key features of WeNotify and the push notification service in AltaMail for iPad & iPhone
** Email Notification Sounds **
• Choose from over 30 alert sounds
• Set push notifications sounds for each different email account or for an individual person
• Set various alert sound rules for particular email subjects or content
** Notifications wherever you are **
• Push notifications work over 3G, 4G, Edge, Wifi, hotspot or Corporate Network
• Push notifications work globally when travelling using 3G, 4G, Edge, Wifi, hotspot or Corporate Network
** Schedule Notifications **
• Schedule overall email alerts and/or sounds for your device
• Set a daily schedule for each email account
• Copy daily schedules from one day to another using the "copy" function
** Suspend Notifications **
• Quickly and easily suspend notifications with just two taps
• Choose from preset time periods or set a custom time to resume notifications
• Suspend just sound or the notification message or both
** Auto suspend notifications **
• Link notification and/or sound suspension to certain calendar events using keywords
• Add custom actions for suspension depending on location, title or notes
• Choose one or multiple calendars
• Utilizes your existing Calendar, no need to re-enter information

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