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Finds, downloads, and converts videos from various sites.
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WebVideoHunter allows you to not only download but also find Internet video. It has a straightforward interface, and, since it is quite similar to other movie downloaders, you will probably use it without much help. The app allows managing your downloads without much effort. Besides, it supports various simultaneous transfers and speeds them up to 15 times faster than normal playback speed.

The tool allows creating new download tasks in many ways. In this regard, my favorite is searching for videos by keywords, which does not even require using an external browser. The search function currently supports Vimeo, YouTube, and Dailymotion. Besides, you can go to Preferences to select your favorite video sites. Another possibility is to enter the URL of the page containing the desired video. In such case, the application can strip the real URL of the video even if it is concealed behind the code. Moreover, if your Safari version supports it, you can install an extension to monitor downloadable contents.

One of the advantages of WebVideoHunter is that you do not need any third-party applications to convert the downloaded video to Mac supported formats, which include not only video but audio formats as well. Additionally, the application can export the resulting files to iTunes. Besides, when a clip is available in various resolutions, you can easily pick the one you desire. Finally, it is also good to hear that it can grab accompanying subtitles as well. more

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  • Built-in video search function
  • Downloads subtitles
  • Various simultaneous downloads
  • Automatic conversion to Mac-supported formats
  • Automatic export to iTunes
  • Converts to MP3


  • Cannot record from the screen

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