WebDAVNav Server

WebDAVNav Server 4.0

Easily start a WebDAV server and share files with other computers.

WebDAVNav Server is a Mac desktop application that allows users to start a WebDAV server, capable of sharing files with other computers or iOS devices from the nearby network. It is extremely easy to install it and the process lasts two minutes at the longest.

The app's interface looks quite basic and it's comprised of a few menu tabs that integrate various configuration settings. Because of the menu's simplicity, the navigation is very intuitive and the responsiveness to user actions is pleasing.

With this application, individuals can download, upload, rename, and copy files in the desired folder, while also being able to set a username and password.
Users are able to view the contents of shared files through a web browser, by using the HTML interface.

Other included capabilities are HTTPS support, drag, and drop function, or the ability to generate a self-signed certificate.

Overall, WebDAVNav Server is a useful tool for creating a WebDAV server and though there are a few issues with the Start button and some random crashes, it gets the job done.

John Saunders
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  • Supports HTTPS
  • Has a Drag&drop function
  • Generates certificates


  • Crashes at times
  • The start button returns errors
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