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Web Sudoku Deluxe 1.2

Web Sudoku Deluxe offers multiple variants and board sizes to enjoy.
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Web Sudoku Deluxe is a nice Sudoku game that offers multiple variants and board sizes to enjoy. The puzzle can be played with numbers or letters and there are five difficulty levels to choose from. Like in any Sudoku game, the goal is to fill the grid with numbers (or letters) in a way that every column, row, and subgroup has no number repeated.

The puzzles can be saved and you can also print them to take wherever you go. Moreover, the puzzles can be checked and you can customize the checker to make the game more or less challenging. You can play the games in three modes: Competitive (has a timer), Regular (shows the finish time), and Relaxed (has no timer). If you are not sure which number to put, you can use pencil markings by entering more than one number in a cell. Unfortunately, the game doesn't include hints or an undo option, besides, the user interface is huge, which is a bit uncomfortable, I must say. The graphics are very simple, and there are no sounds or music.

In short, Web Sudoku Deluxe is perfect for advanced players who only want to play a challenging game, but those who are looking for something more attractive and a bit easier should probably look somewhere else.

Silvana Mansilla
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  • Multiple board sizes and difficulty levels
  • You can print and save the puzzles
  • You can check your puzzles
  • Three modes


  • Simple graphics
  • No sounds or music
  • Lacks hints and undo option
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