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WaterRoof is a ipfw firewall management frontend with bandwidth tuning, NAT setup, port redirection, dynamic rules tracking, live connections blocks, predefined rule sets, wizard, logs, graphic report and statistics and other features. uses Mac OS X built-in IPFW firewall. No kernel modules, no extensions, no pain. WaterRoof is free and open-source the most advanced Mac OS X free graphic frontend for ipfw now features a new, clean interface. WaterRoof lets you create, modify, delete, move ipfw ipv4 and ipv6 rules very quickly. designed for Mac OS X and Mac OS X Server build ipfw rules easily with the new simplified interface and the IPFW Rules Translator. Building ipfw rules now is easier than ever scan your mac for running network services and filter open ports with one mouse click list and ban remote hosts connected to your mac watch and parse firewall logs, create raw and graphic statistics look at active network connections, block them or limit their bandwidth on-the-fly with the connection inspector list all processes that make or listen for network connections Backup and deploy firewall rules with WaterRoof Injectors manage Network Address Translation (NAT) daemon: create a dual-homed firewall/nat/router with port redirection and forwarding Manage rules on Mac OS X Server: WaterRoof is fully integrated with Server Admin Manage NAT Port Forwarding (including Mac OS X Server 10.7 Lion) Configure a dual homed NAT firewall/router with Mac OS X Server 10.7 Lion: set up *working* port forwarding directives and choose your favourite IP range for your LAN interface and clients deploy firewall configuration using WaterRoof Injectors Import and export firewall configurations Quick dns reverse and whois choosing from a list of whois servers manage network bandwidth with dummynet pipes check live dynamic rules (IPFW States) created by stateful firewall rules import rules from NoobProof Injectors keep your favourite firewall rules active at system boot explore and test ipfw with configuration wizard and ready rule sets tested on 10.6.8 and 10.7.3 (client/server), runs on 10.8DP3 too. concept and code by Hany El Imam It's free !! We accept PayPal donations to hany@hanynet.com and BitCoin donations to 16UvmZcqEEYT5gYrTaGrh82d12726fQi5x . Thank you.
With WaterRoof you can set up the IPFW built-in firewall easily and quickly. With the NAT Setup feature you can fine-tune your Internet sharing for the home LAN, or you can also set up a full-featured dual-homed firewall for your network.Rules and network option can be stored and loaded at boot time.
WaterRoof is only a frontend so it makes use of system tools: this means that when you have finished configuring/testing your firewall, you can safely delete WaterRoof from your system, without loosing your rules. Bandwidth settings, firewall rules, NAT rules, forwarding, logging and other options will be preserved and activated at boot using launchd, following Apple guidelines.This means that WaterRoof is quite safe because it does not install any strange kernel extension or background daemon. You can also download and check WaterRoof source code, it's open.
WaterRoof can be used to learn how ipfw works: you can use predefined rule sets to test firewall behaviour, or you can use the wizard to start from scratch with a step-by-step configuration.But WaterRoof can also be used to deeply configure a ipfw firewall/router, using every ipfw option including traffic shaping (dummynet queues).
English documentation included. Source code available at my Web site. WaterRoof is freeware and open-source.

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