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This clock application features about 400 photos from Ihuru...
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This clock application features about 400 photos from Ihuru, Vabbinafaru, and the sandbanks of the North Male atoll, Maldives taken by photographer, Takuji Matsubara, a specialist in animal photography. The Republic of Maldives, located in the Indian Ocean, is comprised of twenty-six atolls and over 1000 islets, and is known as one of the most beautiful beach resorts.
There are a lot of photographs of the living thing. Poor joe, pease crow, crab, iguana, hermit crab, and flying fox, etc.
The background wave sounds in the application were also recorded by Takuji at a cottage in Ihuru.
You can freely set the position, shape, the size, and the transparency of the window.
You can freely set the kind of the clock, the position, the size, the color, the transparency, and the display parts.
Please enjoy it by display methods that display by full-screen, put always forward in a small window, and are various.

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