Wandering Willows 1.0

Wandering Willows is a game in which you need to help people with their tasks.
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Wandering Willows is a lovely game in which you need to help the inhabitants of a fantastic world do different tasks while they will help you repair your air balloon in return. The tasks will include picking up fruits, feeding your pet, digging to find objects, picking up goodies that charmed animals will give you, talking to characters, gardening, among others. The world includes three stores where you can prepare recipes, sell and buy clothes and flowers. When you complete a task for other people, you earn their friendship, but you can also make friends by giving them gifts. You can also customize your avatar the way you want, as well as change your clothes.

There are lots of medals that you can get by completing tasks. Unfortunately, the game includes only one mode, but there are so many things to do that you can never get bored. The game offers simple, but colorful and attractive graphics. Sounds are simple and the music is pleasant.

To conclude, if you are looking for a lovely and original game with a rather free gameplay in which you can do lots of things with the help of your pet, Wandering Willows may be a nice choice.

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  • Enjoyable
  • Lots of things to do
  • Awards


  • Only one mode
  • Simple graphics and sounds



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