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WALTR HEIC Converter 1.0

Convert HEIC to JPEG in 1-Click & Free
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WALTR HEIC Converter is an ultimate Mac & PC software that turns all your HEIC photos to JPG/PNG. As a result, you will easily open all your .heic photos on any device, be it Windows, Mac or Android. The way it works is simple. Drag any photo into the drop zone to seamlessly convert it to JPEG. Or just right-click on any .heic picture and select 'Convert to JPEG'. Easy as that!

Key Features of WALTR HEIC Converter:

- secure & legit;

Unlike online converters, WALTR is juuuust extra safe! It's an offline solution, so all your images are kept locally, on your computer.

- convert 1000s of photos in a batch;

It all depends on your RAM. Ideally, you can convert thousands of pictures in a snap!

- intuitive, easy-to-use, no configuration interface;

WALTR HEIC Converter features a simple drop area. Just drag your image into the app to instantly convert it to .jpg!

- keeps your EXIF data.

If available, your newly converted image will always include important metadata like shutter speed, GPS info, date, when it was taken & more.

- convert to PNG;

Apart from JPEG, WALTR HEIC Converter allows you to easily turn heic into a popular PNG format.

***WALTR HEIC converter is brought to you by the developers of WALTR magic drop area for your Apple device.