Waavebox 1.7

precision periodic waveform and signal generator
1.7 (See all)

Uses native Mactintosh sound output capabilities or third party I/O device support (via Apple CoreAudio) Precision waveform generation: 6 digits of frequency resolution; periodic waveforms are calculated with 64 bit math Sine, sawtooth, triangle, square / pulse (variable duty cycle); white, pink and bandpass filtered noise; frequency sweeps; ASDR burst envelope generator Controllable via Applescript (sample scripts included) Intuitive, easy to use analog style signal generator user interface Frequency range from subaudio (millihertz) to ultrasonic (100 kHz or more, depending on device) Waavebox Lite - economical version of full-featured Waavebox, includes most of the latter's features Please see the product info page for special offers
What's new in this version:
Tiger compatibility added in this release.

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