VSamp Classic 3.7

Audio sample playback with Audio Units and VST support.
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Malcom Haylock
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VSamp is a software sample player for the Macintosh. It comprises: a program for creating and playing virtual instruments; a VST plugin for playing VSamp instruments from within a VST sequencer; and an AudioUnits plugin for playing VSamp instruments from within an AudioUnits sequencer. Universal binary. 128 voice polyphony. 24-bit / 192kHz support. Resonant lowpass filters with realtime control. Low frequency oscillators to modulate pitch and filters. A VST and AudioUnits plugin for playing VSamp instruments and banks from within Cubase, Logic, Garageband, Performer and other sequencers. Very stable and CPU-efficient sample player. High performance disk streaming or load samples into RAM. Import SampleCell and SoundFont samples and keymaps. Support for MacOS X including CoreMIDI Services, VST and AudioUnits A price of just $39* for a single license. Site and World licenses also available.
What's new in this version:
Automatically set sample levels to give constant loudness using Auto Levels command. Fixed problem with multiple instances of VSamp VST under Cubase 4. Fixed problem where VSamp application would give distorted (buzzing) sound due to incorrect sample rate. VSamp Classic now has a larger memory allocation to fix startup problems under OS9. Fixed problem loading some types of AIFF files.



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