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Protect your data when accessing the Internet.
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Use a VPN Server with a dynamic server switching option. Integrate and configure a virtual private network based around a specific server environment configurable according to user preferences. Redirect data requests online to avoid sharing certain information.

VPN Server Agent will help you to use a VPN Server on Mac with a Dynamic Public IP. With VPN Server Agent you have full control over your VPN Server:
- Start/Stop the VPN Server.
- Start the VPN Server Configurator.
- Display the status of VPN (active connection, VPN Server On, VPN Server Off).
- Display the number of active connections to the VPN Server.
- Detail of active connections.
- Display Public IP.
- Start VPN Server at launch аpplicationWorks with any type of VPN Server for Mac.
View setup video. Works with VPN Server Configurator or Mac OS X Server. Install VPN Server Configurator and you can install and configure a VPN Server on Mac OS X in less than 2 minutes without any special knowledge! Program configures and makes active the native VPN Server Mac OS X. Enter the number of client computers, click the button "AutoConfig" and you can connect to your Mac from anywhere! Install VPN Client Configurator and you don't need to remember passwords and private keys to configure the connection to the VPN Server. Save the configuration file in the VPN Server Configurator, send it by e-mail, open it in the VPN Configurator Client, click the button "Create VPN" and your Mac is ready to connect to the VPN Server. VPN Server configuration file is encrypted using the AES256 used on the Mac OS, so you can not worry about the security of information transmitted by e-mail.

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