voreenve 2.6

Voreen allows interactive visualization of volumetric data sets.

Voreen is an open source volume rendering engine which allows interactive visualization of volumetric data sets with high flexibility when integrating new visualization techniques. It is implemented as a multi-platform (Windows, Linux, Mac) C library using OpenGL and GLSL for GPU-based rendering.

Main Features:
- Direc volume rendering (DVR), isosurface rendering, maximum-intensity projection (MIP)
- Support of different illumination models (phong shading, tone shading)
- Interactive internal and external labeling
- Flexible combination of image processing operators (depth darkening, glow, chromadepth, edge detection)
- Glyph-based visualization of multimodal datasets (not yet publicly available)
- Visualization of time-varying as well as segmented 3D datasets
- Support for 1D and 2D transfer functions/CLUTs

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