VoiceQ DUB

VoiceQ DUB 1.8

Edits and applies audio dubbing for motion pictures.
1.8 (See all)
KIWA International Ltd
Create and integrate a dubbed version of the audio track for a selected film. Work with animation or other video presentations for television and home video. The suite supports multiple languages and provides frame-accurate cues, creates synchronized text, and integrates voice-over audio.

VoiceQ DUB is a translation and cueing software solution for dubbing film and TV projects for international markets. Synchronized scrolling text over video offers talent and technicians a frame-accurate cue making the dubbing experience efficient, economical and effortless.
Clear on-screen display and cueing of lines facilitates continuous, speedy, and enhanced delivery by the voice talent. Working with ProTools, VoiceQ DUB harnesses the power of Apple Mac platforms and OSX providing an abundance of simple easy-to-use features for all dubbing and studio professionals.

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