Voice Index Maker 0.6

Makes a vocal announcement for every album in iTunes.
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Browse your music with closed eyes!
Ok, you bought your brand new iPod. You have also bought the connection cable for your car radio, so you'll be able to listen to your preferred music while you're driving or staying with your girlfriend. Now try to imagine how much is difficult, while you're driving, to find the track that you would want to listen sliding the library of your ipod through your car radio controls.
Surely you cannot check the track position on the display of the car radio, you would indeedy crash against a wall!
Voice Index Maker is the solution: inspired from the extraordinary feature called Voice Index On Tap of the Kenwood Music Keg, this small application, taking advantage of the fantastic Mac OS X vocal synthesizer, generates an mp3 vocal announcement for every album contained in your iTunes library.
Everything is made automatically: generate, update and delete your announcements with one click.
Even you don't use the iPod in your car, you will discover how much is cool to listen to a vocal announcement when you play an album!
What's new in this version:
Totally rewritten Now you can choose for wich albums to make announcements You can select different voices and phrases for different albums Improved speed



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