Vocalia Uploader

Vocalia Uploader 1.0

Speech recognition running directly on your iPhone.
1.0 (See all)

Speech recognition running directly on your iPhone.
Do you have many contacts in your iPhone's address book?
Do you have dozens of songs, and as many bookmarks?
Would you like to use a speech recognition tool like the one on iPhone 3GS?
You should add Vocalia to your iPhone!
Speak, and Vocalia will help you quickly find:
• the person or company you need to call or send an email to.

Key features

• Uses Julius for multi-locutor speech recognition
• Works currently in English, French, German, Dutch, Italian and Spanish
• Runs entirely on iPhone or 2nd generation iPod Touch (without network connection)
• Obeys strictly to your voice at every step
• Sends no private information to any unknown and far away servers.
• Provides default working phonemic transcriptions for all your contacts, songs and bookmarks
• Shows up to 10 results
• Displays visual effects responding to sound and gravity (a.k.a "Vocalia's Eye").
• the artist or group you want to listen to.
• the website you want to visit.

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