Vocal Lab AU

Vocal Lab AU 2.2

Helps you train to sing or play instruments on key.

Vocal Lab AU is an Audio Units plug-in version of Vocal Lab which helps you train to sing on key. It listens while you sing and displays the pitch of your voice on a graph, in real time. All you have to do is watch the graph while you sing and try to stay near the lines. With a little practice you can greatly improve your intonation.
Vocal Lab AU can identify problem areas in your singing, and can also help improve your intonation on various instruments - Violin, Brass, Woodwinds, and more.
If you don't have an application that supports "Cocoa" Audio Units plug-ins, you can try the application version of Vocal Lab. Visit our web site at www.rustykat.com.
What's new in this version:
Fixed a bug with a stereo channel.

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