Open any iTunes XML file and display it in a user-friendly interface.

ViTLXML can open any iTunes XML file and display it in a familiar, user-friendly interface. Using ViTLXML, you can inspect the contents of other libraries without having to load them into iTunes, display raw XML text alongside formatted views of track entry metadata, use Search and Filter options for fine-grained examinations, detect which track entries may have corresponding entries in the current library, drag out accessible media files to copy or add to iTunes, export playlist information, export Smart Playlist criteria from other XMLs into current iTunes library, copy accessible files to a new location with referencing XML playlist file, evaluate an old library against the current iTunes library, reconstruct older playlists with current tracks, and check for XML corruption and anomalies.

ViTLXML is handy to have if you manage multiple libraries or want to examine or repurpose old back-ups or just need a different way of looking at your current iTunes library.