Visual Watermark

Visual Watermark 5.3

Protects your photographs by text and image watermarks.

Visual Watermark can help you stamp watermarks on your photographs, mainly as a means of preserving your authorship over them. The program has an easy-to-use interface, and thanks to its wizard, you can navigate through the three necessary steps without much trouble. Its main advantage is probably that it can process batches of images, which saves a lot of work on your part.

To begin the watermarking process, you should load the photographs, which you can do in various ways: by picking them in Finder, dragging and dropping them onto the interface or importing complete directories. It supports most popular formats, such as GIF, JPG, TIF, BMP and PNG.

The next step consists in creating the watermarks. In this respect, it is possible to use text and images, or even a combination of both. In the case of text, you can use formatting and apply effects. Luckily, the tool can use preloaded fonts for generating really nice text watermarks. Likewise, you can add the desired image from an external file or use one of the logos available from the program’s library. For any type of watermark, the program automatically positions them; yet, you can also place them wherever you want to. It is also possible to add borders, resize watermarks and change their opacity level. It is excellent that the tool lets you preview your work at all times. Finally, it is advisable to save the watermarks as templates, which you can reuse if necessary.

When you are done creating the watermarks, you can proceed to actually stamp them on your photos. Fortunately, the tool does not change the originals; instead, it creates copies and saves them in the desired location. Actually, the program can convert the pictures to other formats, without affecting their appearance and quality. Some very basic editing operations are also possible, including rotating and resizing the images. However, it does not support other operations, such as cropping the photos.

In general, Visual Watermark allows protecting your photographs by adding logos, brands, names or copyright notices. Although it is true that there are some online tools that do the same, this program has the advantage of being faster and keeping your original photographs more secure from theft. The product is shareware and can be tried without any limitations.

Pedro Castro
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  • Does not require an Internet connection
  • Batch processing
  • Supports text and image watermarks
  • Extensive logo collection
  • Customized positions
  • Adjustable opacity level
  • Does not change the original photos
  • Converts to other formats
  • Rotates and resizes images


  • Does not allow cropping photographs
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