Virus Eraser Antivirus

Virus Eraser Antivirus 1.1

Complete Mac Protection and Security.
10.8.6 (See all)
Virus Eraser, Inc.

Malware and virus Protection, enjoy total security for Mac, complete 24/7 protection against viruses and other Internet threats for Mac users.
Blocks Mac OS X malware. Virus Eraser Antivirus for Mac protects your computer in real time against infections. Whenever an infection is detected and blocked, malware is automatically sent to quarantine.
Virus Eraser Protection for the Mac offers two kinds of scans; a real-time scan that continuously analyzes Mac files, and an additional scan that performs monthly on-demand scans. Virus Eraser for the Mac scans for malware in other Mac products when they are connected to your computer.
Virus Eraser Antivirus for Mac detects an infection and the file is sent to quarantine. That way files are easily recovered and restored. This process prevents your Mac from acting as a carrier.
Don't let your iPhone or iPad cause trouble Your iOS devices are an open doorway to transmitting infected files and malware onto your Mac and Windows systems. Virus Eraser for Mac scans iOS devices whenever they're plugged into your computer to make sure that no infected files that you received via email will pass onto your Mac or Windows machines.
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