Virtual Speaker 1.2

Kernel ext. to fix G4 Cube sound handling problems
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This KEXT (kernel extension) for MacOS 10.2 fixes problems with the handling of sound on the Apple G4 Cube when the external USB speakers are not connected (since the Cube does not have a built in sound device). The extension runs under MacOS 10.2.x, and will create a virtual output audio engine which is selected by default in the sound control panel when no other audio device is detected. This extension will run on any model of hardware, and may prove useful for any model without a built in sound device.
This kernel extension should fix a number of issues caused by the lack of a sound output device which have been noted in iMovie, DVD Studio Pro, and other applications (including video capture errors, crashes when previewing DVD projects, automatic quit when launching some applications which require an audio output device, and other random misfortunes).
What's new in this version:
Corrected issue with VirtualSpeaker that was preventing the fix from working for games (and applications) using the Carbon SoundManager (the fIsMixable bit was set incorrectly for the 16 bit virtual audio format). Fixed a permissions issue caused by a setting in the install package that was ignored by the Installer program.



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