VintageHero 1.1

VintageHero is a first-person bow-and-arrow shooter set in the Wild West.
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Compumaster Ltd.

VintageHero is a first-person bow-and-arrow shooter set in the Wild West, modeled after the carnival game where one shoots moving targets. Your goal is to shoot the invading cowboys, avoiding Native American friendlies at all costs and using bonuses obtained by shooting animals to aid you in your quest. Although most objects moving across the screen are passive, there are a few that will lose you a life if you allow them to evade you long enough. There are also some enemies that require multiple hits to dispatch.

There are five different progressively unlockable levels of increasing difficulty, represented by different regions on a map of the USA, in addition to an always-available never-ending mode that starts out slow and gets progressively more challenging. Points are represented by dollars, and more are awarded if you hit the target in a more critical area. Depending on which animal you take out, bonuses are available that either freeze the moving targets in place, shrink friendlies and enlarge enemies, or simply and immediately destroy all enemies. Despite this variation things get old pretty quick, and a bug that causes the game to crash regularly doesn't make it any more appealing.

Sam Lloyd
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  • Well-designed user interface
  • Variable arc of arrow shot adds challenge


  • Crashes regularly
  • Gameplay gets stale pretty quickly
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