Vintage Toy Piano 1.5

Create virtual compositions with the sound of a vintage piano.
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Work with a virtual instrument set to generate piano tracks in your system. Manage individual settings and samples to produce audio output according to your specifications and adjust the sounds to get the authentic sound of a vintage wooden toy piano.

Vintage Toy Piano is a wonderful sounding instrument modeled after vintage wooden toy pianos.
Vintage Toy Piano's simple interface is easy to learn, and children will love the visual feedback from playing the keys.
The unique lively tone of Vintage Toy Piano is what really stands out, and what makes it a great tool for sound design and electronic music production.
Vintage Toy Piano is meant to be played in realtime. Recording Vintage Toy Piano into your favorite DAW can easily be done using Soundflower. For detailed instructions on how to record Vintage Toy Piano, please visit our support link.
For composers, the simple interface and great sound inspires creativity.
Vintage Toy Piano is also available for iOS devices.

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