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It offers a simple solution to download video files from the Vimeo website.
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VimDownloader offers a straightforward solution to download video files from the Vimeo website, so that you can enjoy your favorite movies and clips offline. This way, you won't depend on the quality of your Internet connection, which may fluctuate and, therefore, prevent you from having a proper watching experience.

The program's interface facilitates browsing the Vimeo website from within the application, without being necessary to open a secondary window to search for the video you want to watch and save. The tool's appearance is attractive, uncluttered, and customizable in terms of the buttons displayed. It guaranties a seamless downloading experience that simply consists in pasting the file’s URL into the input box and enabling the download. You are able to pause a task in progress and resume it later, but if the window is closed by accident or your computer shuts down, you will need to start the download process from the beginning.

The utility doesn't lack advanced settings – they refer to the ability to restart automatically a failed or a timed-out download, as well as to auto-stop a task when your Mac enters into sleep mode and resume it automatically at system's wake up. While adding multiple URLs to create a download list isn't supported, you still have the chance to multitask by opening multiple windows. The files will be saved in MP4 format, and in HD, medium, or low quality, depending on your selection. Unfortunately, you aren't informed about what parameters the quality attributes refer to, and you can't control the bandwidth of the download.

In conclusion, VimDownloader is designed for home users who are looking for a simple way to save Vimeo video files onto their computers. Browsing the Vimeo site from within the program is of great help, while the multitask windows enable you to faster download in batches.

Ioana Dumitrescu
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  • Can open multiple windows to multitask
  • Vimeo browser is included
  • Simple and customizable interface
  • Pauses and resumes the download
  • Automatic restart of failed or timed-out downloads


  • No bandwidth limiter
  • No video quality customization
  • Can't create a download list
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