VideoScan 1.0

Displays detailed information about multimedia files.
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VideoScan is a file analysis tool that displays detailed information about multimedia files. The information revealed is comprehensive, including elaborate data about embedded audio and video streams. The reports are exhaustive, covering all your file documentation needs.

The application opens with a clean and intuitive user interface. Adding files for analysis is done easily, either by drag-and-drop or by browsing your computer directly from the program. You can import one video at a time or an entire folder of multimedia files. All inputs are displayed in a list and support being sorted by filename, media type, and creation date. Selecting a file from the list generates instantly an overview with complete information about that file, including the codec ID, duration, bit rate mode, encoded date, sample rate, channels, bit depth, and many more. You can also have a mirror-like data preview of multiple files - in such case, similar data are colored in grey, while the differences remain black. However, the slight contrast between the colors makes the differences between items almost imperceptible visually, so you must put your eyesight to a test to perceive the dissimilarities. The displayed information can be filtered and saved as TXT, RTF, and CSV files for further analysis and usage.

In short, VideoScan offers a detailed overview of comprehensive information about your files. It supports comparing files and searching for the data that interest you.

Ioana Dumitrescu
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  • Displays comprehensive file info
  • Filter file info
  • Mirrors data of multiple files
  • Search for desired file data


  • Doesn't highlight clearly the differences between mirrored files