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Downloads online media files for offline playback.
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Videoder is a simple application designed to help you download online media files. Once saved locally, you will be able to watch videos, listen to your favorite music, and view photos dependently-free from an Internet connection. At least, this seems to be the purpose of such a program. In reality, the tool is useless, since the download doesn't take place by any means.

The program opens with a clear-cut interface that resembles a common browser. All you need to do is browse for online media files or directly paste into the search bar the already-found URL and enable the download process. Unfortunately, you will be unpleasantly surprised to notice a message informing you that no results were found. The same happens when trying to open a video file from the app's feeds. An error-like window pops up to notify you that the website hosting the video isn't supported anymore. It seems that the application offers support for over 1000 media sharing sites to access from within the application. Yet, no matter what site you want to visit, the connection is discharged.

In these conditions, the application isn't of any use. Probably it worked well once, but now all functions are disabled.

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  • Simple browser-like interface


  • Can't connect to any media sharing sites
  • The download isn't performed



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