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Browse and watch various movies from your collection.
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Video Buffet is intended for browsing as well as playing movies from your collection. In this regard, it comes with the special feature of playing various videos simultaneously. The application’s interface makes it quite simple to use. In browsing mode, you can choose the size of the grid, which means you can watch four, nine and up to sixteen clips simultaneously. The player, in turn, is quite minimalistic, with just the Play and Pause playback buttons as well as the seek bar. In addition to the tool’s ease of use, it is good that there is online help available.

Good news is that the tool supports dragging and dropping the desired video files and folders onto its window. This way, the movies get imported very fast and easily, without needing to deal with metadata. Once they become available, you can find the desired one without much difficulty as it is possible to sort and filter them by such properties as a name, date, size and label.

Additionally, there are a few options you may want to tweak. For instance, you can set movies to start playing from the beginning or otherwise at a random position. Likewise, there are various playback options, such as looping the current movie, advancing to the next, or doing nothing when the current movie is over. Finally, it is possible to mute movies during multiple previewing if you prefer so.

Good news is that the application can play several clips simultaneously without difficulty, thanks to its use of AVKit for hardware-accelerated video playback. Unluckily, there can be some disconformities. In this regard, you can have problems seeking video to a given time. Moreover, the application can still be unstable on Catalina.

All in all, VideoBuffet is different from most other video players in that, instead of static thumbnails of your movies, it lets you watch the contents of various videos simultaneously. The product can be purchased from the Mac App Store at a reasonable price.

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  • Plays up to sixteen movies simultaneously
  • Easily imports videos from folders
  • Sorts and filters video based on their properties


  • Problems seeking video to a given time
  • Unstable on Catalina


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