VideoBuffet 1.6

Simple, easy-to-use QuickTime movie browser and viewer.

VideoBuffet is a simple, easy-to-use QuickTime movie browser and viewer. It's the quickest, easiest, and best way to browse your QuickTime movie collection. There's no library to create, or metadata to type in. Just drag your movies onto VideoBuffet and start watching, right now. With its ability to view multiple movies simultaneously, there's no easier way to browse through your movie collection.
VideoBuffet can also search through your Movies folder, and automatically find all of your movies for you. It can search through thousands of files per second, so even the largest movie collection will open quickly. You might even rediscover movies you forgot you had! Features Plays multiple movies at once (up to 16), in one window. Utilizes QuickTime X for optimized, hardware-accelerated video playback. Plays any movie supported by QuickTime (except DRM-protected movies). Can automatically find all movie files in your Movies folder. Can page through your movies in order, or choose a random selection to watch. Automatically prevents screen dimming while playing movies. Searches through thousands of files per second, to quickly open even large video collections. Resizable, zoomable main window. Full-screen mode (OS X 10.7 Lion only). Includes extensive on-line help.

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