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Video to iMovie Converter 2.5

It optimizes files for playback and customization with iMovie video editor.
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Video to iMovie Converter is a classic video converter that optimizes files for playback and customization with Mac's iMovie video editor. The program supports a wide range of video formats, so that the chances of not being able to convert your files into iMovie-compatible formats are reduced to a minimum.

The application comes with a clear, simple, and intuitive interface. The appearance won't impress you in any particular way, as it is mostly common to similar tools. You just need to drag and drop the files onto the program or browse for videos from within the app, and then enable the conversion. Experienced users may dive into advanced output settings and adjust sensitive parameters, such as the codec, the size, the scale, the channel, as well as the bit and sample rates. The display of output profiles structured by device names may trick you to believe that you can convert into many more video formats than those supported. Actually, these profiles are idle – in fact, the program converts into iMovie-supported formats only.

The developer states on their official site that the program has video-editing abilities. Surprisingly, you won't find any editing feature once you have installed the program. If the lack of video-editing features happen to be just a limitation of the trial version, it is a mystery to be revealed only after buying the program. The only additional function I could find refers to the possibility of merging multiple files into a single longer video.

The program is very basic, designed for users looking for a straightforward way to convert videos into iMovie formats. The application keeps a history of performed tasks, so that you won't waste your time in converting the same video twice.

Ioana Dumitrescu
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  • Easily converts videos into iMovie formats
  • Preview option
  • Merge function
  • Straightforward approach


  • No video editing features
  • Idle profiles give you the wrong impression that the array of output presets is wider
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