Video Shorts

Video Shorts 1.1

Video Shorts is a stock video bank with 20 different video backgrounds.

Video Shorts is a stock video bank with 20 different video backgrounds and sample implementations. The bank covers a variety of themes with different visual styles, all with a professional appearance. The movie files can be exported for use in a video editor.

The videos provided in this app could perhaps be most useful for inclusion in a corporate presentation or a home video, as several example implementations indicate. Their resolution is not high enough for professional filmmaking. Unfortunately, the program does not permit custom-text overlays - for those nonprofessionals without a separate video editor capable of superimposing text, they are stuck with the sample messages and the often bizarre audio. Even with simple superimposed text there would be inconsistencies with several of the effects which simulate old film, requiring professional-grade editors - users of which, as I mentioned, would probably have little use for stock footage in this resolution anyway.

Sam's Protip: I recommend deleting the app from your system to save hard drive space, then downloading it again if or when a need arises for one of your videos.

Sam Lloyd
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  • Attractive video background files
  • File export supported
  • Free!


  • No customization ability
  • At 1024x768, videos are just barely HD
  • Audio on sample videos is not always fitting
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