Victory March Deluxe 1.1

Action WW2 themed sideway runner game. In Victory March Deluxe, you play as a Soviet or as an American soldier.
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Victory March Deluxe is a horizontal scrolling action game. There is a free version of this game called simply Victory March, which doesn't differ much from this paid, deluxe version. In the game, you control either an American or Russian soldier who has to complete different levels by avoiding enemies or killing them. There are a couple of different ways in which you can kill enemies. You can either jump on them and hit them on the head when you land (just like in Mario Bros.) or you can shoot them with your main weapon or with a grenade. You pick up different weapons as you progress on each level, but you lose them when you die. You start with a pistol, upgrade to a rifle and then to a small machine gun. At the end of each level you pick up a vehicle to escape, although in the first two levels you escape with a parachute.

Victory March Deluxe's controls are very easy. You jump with the space bar, shoot your weapon with the right arrow and throw grenades with the left arrow key.

As I mentioned above, there aren't many differences between Victory March Deluxe ($1.99) and Victory March (free). Perhaps the main difference is that the paid version comes with three extra levels. Then, the descriptions seem to indicate that the paid version also gives you more weapons and more enemies to fight against. But I personally didn't make it that far into the game to tell for sure. So, basically, what you can do is download the free version first and then buy this one if you feel like you want to play a few extra levels.

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  • Nice gameplay
  • Good music and controls


  • Not a significant improvement over the free version


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