Verbs and Nouns

Verbs and Nouns 2.6

Learn to pronounce foreign words properly.
2.6.5 (See all)
Jacek Iwanski

Learning a foreign language can be difficult, but learning to speak a foreign language without sounding like a tourist may be even tougher. With Verbs and Nouns, you can enter as many words as you want, including sound samples and inflection markers. This helps you learn how to pronounce foreign words properly. Additional language databases are available separately--in fact, you'll need to download at least one. The latest release adds: The 'window dragging' problem occurring in the Classic layer of OS X.2 is fixed. Improved the new exercises called 'special... '. The new type of exercises for the 'Phrase Engine' is improved. There are also some other interface improvements and bug fixes.

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