VAT Machine 1.0

Superfast VAT and GST calculator for your Mac OSX!
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Superfast VAT and GST calculator!
Simpler than a calculator, faster than a spreadsheet, this micro-app instantly interconverts VAT total, ex-VAT, and inc-VAT values into each other.
Don't waste time with percentage buttons or spreadsheet formulas - just type a number into any box and hit Return, and VAT Machine automatically calculates the values for the other boxes.
If you change the VAT percentage the numbers are recalculated for you. And the VAT rate is saved when you quit, so it's ready for your next session.
Supports copy/paste, fast tabbing between fields, mouse autohighlighting - just click and type - and you can even use the Mac speech synthesizer to read numbers out loud.
Perfect for extremely rich people and international financiers - accurate for calculations worth more than 1 trillion currency units.
This app is automatically localised for European countries, and it couldn't be easier to use.
It's a real time-saver for anyone who needs fast VAT conversions, at an unmissable price.

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