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Tool for creating invoices, estimates, receipts, and other business documents
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Values: the PRO tool for creating invoices, estimates, receipts, and other business documents.
Values is your easy to use PRO tool for creating receipts/billings/invoices with your Mac at a new level. With fully customizable templates and a clients and items database, it's ideal for detail shops, small business and professionals.
Values is also a really powerful and easy to use estimates/quotes creator, with multi-page support, auto-header on every page and built-in text editor.

Imagine a construction company or a professional that need to invoice his work, with values he'll save a lot of time thanks to the automatic database, he'll accomplish any special request by his customers thanks to the built-in text editor and will show professional looking invoices and quotes thanks to the fully customizable layouts. With Values you give more value to your work.

Main Features:

- Fully customizable layouts and built-in text editor:
Values joins together the fast and powerful workflow of a table-based editor and the flexibility and beauty of a rich-text editor. Your custom layout may have embedded graphics and colors, our table-based input with AutoDB will surprise you with it's simple and fast interface.
- Import your own logo:
With Values you can add your custom logo to the header of your document, ideal for business and professionals.
- Automatic calculations:
Values automatically calculates quantities, totals, discounts, taxes and more. Values does all this for you so you won't need to enter the complex spreadsheet world and keep the elegance and ease of use of our simple built-in text-editor.
- Documents library:
Your documents will be saved automatically into Values document library, this way you won't lose important files and enhance privacy and security of your important business documents.
- AutoDB:
With AutoDB you will have a categorized auto-generated database with a multi-core autocompletion engine. This database will be available on all your documents so you won't ever type the same thing again.
- TeamShare:
You won't ever again suffer the pain of a "files and folders" document management. With Values your docs library can be shared creating your own, private cloud-based document sharing service letting your team link to the library from their Mac on a seamless share of documents.
- RTF editable export and PDF:
If you need to export your documents (for further editing on your favorite text-editor or just for sharing) you can export in RTF or save a PDF from the print panel.

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