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US History Flashcards is an application that contains over 1400 flashcards.
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US History Flashcards

US History Flashcards is an application that contains over 1400 flashcards with information used in the AP US History Exam. They are organized into different categories, which makes it easy to narrow down subjects. The topics range from Pre-Columbian Societies to WWI and WWII history.

The application consists of two panes. The one on the left shows all the subjects and the categories. You can check those topics that you want to see flashcards for. The right pane shows the actual flashcards. For example, if you double click on "Beginning of Colonization", you will see a flashcard that asks the question "What was the English Reformation?" The next card shows some information that will help you answer that question.

There is a nice playback mode that shows the flashcards in full screen. When you hit the "play" button, the flashcards will remain on the screen for a short time, and then the next flashcard in the category will be shown.

In short, this app has some nice information on lots of different topics. You can add new categories and flashcards, too.

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