Universal Football League 2.7

Free UFL (Universal Football League) is a text-based football simulation game.
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UFL (Universal Football League) is a text-based football simulation game. It has existed on various platforms dating all the way back to 1984. Also included is The UFL Manager which is a companion program that adds some additional features and functionality to UFL. With UFL you can take on the role as head coach of your team on your quest for the Stellar Bowl title or just let the computer simulate games. As head coach, you get to call all of your team's offensive/defensive plays and make decisions such as when to punt or kick a FG, go on 4th down, etc. You can create as many custom leagues as you want and input custom team names, stadiums, and weather conditions. Leagues may be created in sizes of 8, 16, 24, 30, and 32 teams. You can create custom rosters with different player names, skill ratings and depth chart. Your league's standings and statistics are viewable through the statistics viewer; over 70 individual and 90 team stats are kept up with. Every season's statistics are archived at the end of each season and are also viewable through the statistics viewer. You can play as many seasons as you want and watch as your players improve/worsen and change throughout the years. At the end of a regular season, a postseason schedule is generated and the division winners and wild card teams will enter the final stretch on their quest for the league title. During the off season, the next season's schedule is generated, players are released and free agents signed, old/bad players retire, a new class of rookies is drafted, and the teams' depth charts are updated. Individual and team records are kept by game, season, playoffs, and Stellar Bowl. You can simulate multiple games in one sweep (up to an entire regular and post season) and keep tabs on your league while a simulation is in progress with the Live Standings viewer. Your league data can easily be transferred to and from storage devices and network drives for easy portability. Online play is possible via an external application, and you can also coach against another person by playing on the same computer. There are hours upon hours of fun and game play possibilities with UFL, and it is 100% freeware and will NEVER be bundled with any junkware. So put on your coach's whistle and study the playbook. Your career as the head coach of your team begins today. Your players and your team's loyal fans are all depending on you to lead them as you embark on the path to Stellar Bowl glory!
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Version 2.7 includes various minor bug fixes.



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