Universal Database 2.01

The program is a universal database that allows to keep records of any types of objects.
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Vladimir Romanov


The program is a universal database that allows to keep records of any types of objects. Your customers, sales, products – in the program you can perform all the adjustments by yourself and take advantage of all its various functions.
First of all you being the user should establish the structure of the objects to be recorded. There may be different types of objects features: a text, a listing, a number, a date, a sum etc. The objects may contain other objects or even tables with other objects. The options of creating the structure are enormous.
The objects features being defined new tabs turn up in the main window of the program. There you can add, remove or change the objects. When introducing a new objects or changing the existing one a pop-up box shows up with the assumed data entry field described previously.
For any object type the program automatically launches the log that contains the table with objects of each type. Here you can apply different filters. Your filter adjustments will remain the same during the next program run.
Each object regardless of the established structure has the number, the name, the date of establishing, the date of change and a notice box. These can be used as search criteria.
Using the program you get a lot of opportunities for objects analysis and results graphical representation.
Between the objects being processed one can create references. It means that to one objects several others can be linked.
To the objects processed you can add images from a data medium or a scanner.
With our program you will get an individual program solution that you can customize as per your needs. At any time you can change the objects structures being processed or add new structures by yourself.
Thus the program will allow you to simplify the record of your objects and will facilitate your work greatly.

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