Uninstall Quick Editor

Uninstall Quick Editor 4.5

A "registry safe" application that neither reads nor writes to the registry.
4.5 (See all)

A gimmick free low resource demand tool with a minimum memory footprint that will run on a 486 inVGA 16 Colour. Ideally suited for low resolution laptops that do not support graphics intensive resource hungry applications yet very fast on late model hardware. A single instance editor with multiple document handling capacity. It is genuinely fast to use and is designed for fast code production. Quick Editor is the default editor for the MASM32 project.

Main Features:

- Scripting engine.
- Fully programmable menus.
- Plugin DLL Interface.
- Auto-indent.
- Selected Block Indenting.
- Compose and edit in HEX notation.
- User selected editor font.
- Block logic text replacement.
- Goto Line Number.

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