Unearthed: Trail of Ibn Battuta - Episode 1 Gold Edition versions

Unearthed is an episodic third person action game set in modern day Middle East.
May 31, 2014

What's new

v1.3 [May 31, 2014]
[General Fixes]
- Selecting from the list of resolutions won't cause the resolution to be applied every time, instead it will only be applied when you get back from the graphics screen.
- The mouse cursor will now be hidden if you are using the XBox 360 controller (at any point during the game or in the menus, if you move the mouse the game will assume you want to use keyboard and mouse, and if you use the right analog stick of the controller the game will know you want to use the controller. This can happen during the levels as well)
- The lowest quality setting now has shadows enabled, this will fix the issue where the dark corridor in Ahmose temple wasn't dark as it should be.
- Added a Sprint functionality! You can now hold "Shift" on the keyboard or "LB" on the Xbox 360 controller while running and Faris will sprint forward.
- You can now fall in the game. No more invisible walls. The logic that will be followed is that if the fall is to short to kill you (and you can't climb up) then you will just get fade to black.
- You now have to balance on Logs. You can no longer cross them easily.
- In Hand to Hand fighting, all punches and kicks have been sped up and the controls are very responsive now. You will get immediate feedback to your button presses without any lag.
- When getting hit, the screen colors will gradually change to black and white, colors will be back as your health regenerates.
- Removed the circular movement when going left or right.
- Removed the vertical Camera lock when going left or right.
- Fixed Faris Neck during crouch idle and crouch walk.
- Fixed an issue in the credits where the video is stuttering. Also fixed a spelling mistake in "Environment Art".
[Shooting System]
- Removed unaimed firing (and strafing). Now if you want to shoot you need to enter aiming mode first. This is done in recent games like the Tomb Raider reboot and The Last of Us.
- While aiming, you can press "Alt" on the keyboard or "R3" on the controller to switch the camera side.
- All enemy sounds and gun sounds are now in real 3D space. This means you will actually be able to tell where the shots are coming from as both distance and direction are taken into account.
- Weapon recoil will now work so that guns will go up with continuous firing only (previously they would go up even when a single shot is fired). This means that the behavior is now much more realistic and in-line with what other games offer.
- Number of bullets shown now on the HUD will be the "total" number of bullets you have for this weapon type. On its left is a bar that shows the amount of ammo in the current clip.
- When you do a reload, you will fill up the current clip with ammo (previously the current clip will be thrown away and a new clip will be used, which was realistic but not in line with what happens in games)
- In survival mode, when you drop a weapon and then find the same weapon type somewhere else, you won't see the old weapons ammo amount in it.
[Prologue/Tutorial Level]
- Fixed the return back from aiming animation of the enemy in the very first cutscene.
- Added the dead body of the first melee fight enemy (after you finish the fight).
- Fixed a bug where during the hand-to-hand combat tutorial, the camera jams hard to the left if you're zoomed into your gun before the tutorial begins.
- Removed the tripping while injured action as well as the camera dizzy effects.
- Doubled the walking speed for Faris, Dania and Rasheed in these segments so the walk is more firm and realistic now.
[Car Level]
- Added realistic resistance to the car. This means that the car won't feel like its sliding on ice anymore. It also means that making Corner turns is much easier and realistic now.
- You won't be stuck between the electricity pillars and the concrete anymore.

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