Ulysses III

Ulysses III 15.2

A document manager that offers syncing and exporting tools.
15.2 (See all)
Manage your documents effectively, sync and export them with this fully-fledged writing tool. Work in the comfort of your home, in a cafe or whenever inspiration will find you with this multi-platform utility providing a library syncing back and forth between all connected devices.

Ulysses is a unique text editor, which aims to give creative writers, novelists and storytellers the best writing experience available on any platform today. To achieve that, Ulysses includes an innovative "tabbed" single-window interface, featuring integrated Notepads, a Document Browser, advanced Search&Replace capabilities and multi-document previews.
Additionally, Ulysses sports sophisticated project management with advanced filtering features. This lets the writer focus entirely on content while aiding him in organizing the multiple parts of his work without forcing him into any pre-defined structure whatsoever. Developed exclusively for creative writers, Ulysses lacks both the functional overload of traditional word processors and the developers-oriented approach of classic text editors.
Ulysses was and still is on the forefront of text editing innovation: it set the stage for dedicated creative writing environments, pioneered the inclusion of the famous fullscreen mode (which is now standard with every other writing application on the Mac, see Pages '09), and also incorporates the unique concept of Semantic Text Editing. Using the powerful Tags and Markers, Ulysses removes the hassle of formatting the text and lets the writer concentrate fully on the content of his text. Text formats and the like are left to the extensible, plug-ins based Exporter. Ulysses enables the user to export his project into a wide variety of formats such as LaTeX, PDF, Word, RTF and Plain Text.
Since version 1.6, Ulysses has a little brother: Ulysses Core, which is priced at $35. Although being a lightweight version, it still has an immense list of features from its powerful brother.

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