Ultralingua Spanish-English Translation Dictionary 7.1

Includes verb conjugations and customizable flashcard sets.
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Learn words in style:
Create flashcards, and then test yourself with our gorgeous animated full-screen flashcard view.
Lemmatized search:
Fancy name, simple concept. You can use any form of a word (in most languages) when searching -- from subjunctive to feminine plural.
Conjugate any verb:
From pluperfect to subjunctive, instantly conjugate verbs in English, Spanish, French, German, Italian, and Portuguese.
Available dictionaries include: English Definitions & Thesaurus, French-English, Spanish-English, German-English, Italian-English, Portuguese-English, and many more. Ultralingua's translation dictionaries are used by consumers and business around the world.
What's new in this version:
Fixed stability issues present in some components of Mac 7.1.3 Thousands of new entries to English Definitions (nearly 15,000 new entries), Spanish-English (nearly 5,000 new entries), French-English, French-Spanish, and Italian-English General minor interface enhancements



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