Ultimate Maths Invaders 2.0

Free Save the planet from waves of descending maths questions with correct answers.
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Only the correct answers will stop the Ultimate Maths Invaders. If you run into the invaders or they get to the bottom of the screen, you're invaded. Action is fast, furious, and focused on learning. Players tackle 100s of questions in minutes. Spacecraft, landscape and quirky invader behaviour change with every level. So does the speed of the invasion. However, starting speed, level of difficulty, number of game variables, and question content can be adjusted to suit all players, from the arcade addict to those with special needs. Ultimate Maths Invaders v2; Suitable for ages 5 to Adult; Rapid-fire Tables and Number Facts. Use rapid-fire tables and number facts to defend the planet from waves of invading maths problems. Get started straight out of the box, or take advantage of the powerful diagnostic and reporting capabilities to zero in on each child's learning needs. Ultimate Math Invaders is fun, flexible and focused on quickly and painlessly developing automatic recall of essential math facts from times tables to square roots and beyond. Essential numeracy skills for your child's success; Motivational, challenging and fun; Quickly develops automatic recall of essential maths facts; Compelling rapid-fire maths - 100s of questions in minutes. Plus powerful parent features: Monitor progress at a glance or drill down to detailed printable reports; Vary the speed of gameplay to suit the ability of every child; Identify your child's unique needs and customise content for revision and extension. Educational content: Addition & subtraction; Multiplication & division; Fractions & percentages; Numeration; Square roots & powers; Decimals & directed numbers.


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