UFS Explorer Professional Recovery

UFS Explorer Professional Recovery 7.16

Full-featured software application for data recovery professionals.

UFS Explorer Professional Recovery is a first-rate software application developed for specialists in the field of data recovery. The software successfully combines the most advanced data recovery algorithms with various instruments for thorough analysis and editing of raw data.

The program allows assembling RAID of different types and levels, including hybrid and custom RAID configurations and thus makes it possible to restore files from complex storage systems, like NAS and other RAID-based devices, besides common stand-alone digital media. The utility works with both software/hardware RAID as well as arrays consisting of disk images or virtual disks.

UFS Explorer Professional Recovery features a set of decryption techniques providing the means for data recovery from encrypted storages (full-disk encryption, LUKS, Apple FileVault, eCryptFS, etc.) In addition to that, a long list of supported virtual technologies make the program capable of dealing not only with simple disk images but also virtual disks of VMware, Hyper-V, Parallels, EnCase, Runtime files, Synology Sparse iSCSI, multi-level virtual storages and other systems.

The program is enhanced with extensive support of modern storage technologies, such as Apple Core Storage, LVM thin provisioning, Drobo BeyondRAID, Logical Disk Manager, MS Storage Spaces, Synology Hybrid RAID, RAID-Z, and file systems applied in different popular environments: Windows (NTFS, FAT, FAT32, exFAT, ReFS/ReFS 2), macOS (HFS+, APFS), Linux (Ext2-Ext4, XFS, JFS, ReiserFS, UFS, Btrfs) BSD/Solaris (ZFS) and VMware (VMFS, VMFS6).

A comprehensive multi-tool interface makes the software suitable even for the most complicated data recovery tasks. The disk management system automatically detects storages and opens disk images. The file manager includes files search, data analysis, identification and positioning by file content and file descriptors. File system recovery manager allows finding and recovering files to a local disk.

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