UFO Invasion

UFO Invasion 5.0

This is a 3d UFO shooter game.
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Michael Carson

UFO Invasion is a very simple shooter game in which you must destroy the flying saucers before they destroy you. The saucers will move in zigzags and will drop bombs as they do this. If any of these bombs touches you or if you touch any of the spaceships, your health will diminish a bit, and when the bar is completely depleted, the game is over. To destroy the bombs and the saucers you can use your weapon, these are small rockets. The quantity of them is unlimited, so you can shoot as many as you want.

Unfortunately, the game only includes one mode and only one difficulty level. The game is not divided into levels, but as you advance, you will notice that the saucers are different and they drop even more bombs and move a bit faster. Sadly, the background will always remain the same, and graphics are very simple as well as sounds, and there is no music. There are also no customization options whatsoever.

Briefly, UFO Invasion is a simple but enjoyable shooter game to pass the time, it may turn out to be interesting for you.

Silvana Mansilla
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  • Free
  • Enjoyable


  • No customization options
  • Simple graphics and sounds
  • No music
  • Only one mode
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