Typinator 7.1

A utility for boosting your productivity while writing emails and documents.
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Typinator is a program that provides you with a quick and simple solution for writing emails and documents on your Mac, especially if you do it repeatedly on a daily basis. The application helps you easily paste frequently used text content, such as email addresses, dates or signatures, into your documents with minimum effort.

This utility sits on your Menu Bar, allows you to define various global hotkeys for immediately changing its behavior, and features an integrated help manual. Furthermore, it provides you with simple-to-configure settings and allows you to add as many abbreviation items as you like.

You can use the program to immediately paste dates, pictures, addresses, standard HR responses, company logos, etc. This application also comes in handy for programmers who wish to easily create code snippet templates.

In my testing, the utility worked 100% and didn't slow down the performance of my system while running on my Menu Bar.

In conclusion, Typinator proves to be a reliable solution for improving your productivity at work if you're the kind of person who sends many emails and documents on a daily basis.

Ashley Griggs
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  • You can define global hotkeys for immediately revealing the main window, pausing expansions or searching items
  • Lets you add as many abbreviation items as you like
  • Brings you a built-in search tool
  • Fast processing speed


  • Couldn't find any disadvantages
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