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It is a minimalistic word processor that makes text editing a hassle-free task.
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Typed is a minimalistic word processor that makes text editing a hassle-free task. What distinguishes this application from most text editors is its special audio-based function, which is meant to create a cozy and relaxing writing atmosphere.

The program comes with a clean and simple interface, without toolbars displayed on the main window to distract you from the text-creation process. Before starting to write on a new project, you have the ability to set the page layout by selecting the page size and orientation. For minimal text customization – such as changing the font type, style, or color – you need to drop down the upper menu. However, most editing functions can also be reached via keyboard shortcuts, which come already configured. They are meant to provide a seamless workflow that will let you focus more on your stream of consciousness rather than on text appearance. If the situation requires sticking to a character or word count limitation, you can rely on this tool to give you the necessary information in real time.

The program's major goal is to keep you fully concentrated on your project. To achieve full concentration, you can expand the workspace to cover the entire screen. In addition, you can enable the “Zen mode”, which provides you with relaxing soundtracks meant to stimulate your creativity.

In short, Typed is a handy and lightweight application with the functionality of a minimalistic text editor. The project can be saved either in RTF format – letting the door open for further editing with advanced word processors – or in HTML format, for easy upload to the web.

Ioana Dumitrescu
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  • Handy and lightweight word processor
  • Workspace expanded to cover the entire screen
  • Zen function that includes relaxing soundtracks
  • Real-time word and character counter


  • Many basic editing features are missing
  • Can't password-protect the document
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