Twenty-Four Mountains

Twenty-Four Mountains 1.5

Software designed for the professional feng shui consultant.
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Twenty-Four Mountains is software designed for the professional feng shui consultant. It generates a map of the dynamic energies that are present in your clients space using classical Compass School Feng Shui techniques. This meta map is clearly laid out over the imported floor plan and with the ability to remove or add any layer of the map and change it's opacity, you can clearly see what elements are and are not working in your clients space.
Main Features:
- Calculate the center of a floor-plan.
- Export the generated map to be used in your own reports.
- Import multiple floor-plans into a single document for locations with multiple floors.
- Calculate the flying star and BaZhai of a location instantly.
- Calculate the Ming Gua for occupants of a location.
- Accurate calculations for both the northern and southern hemispheres.
- Includes a reference panel with enhancements for various stars and BaZhai portents.
- Customizable BaZhai colors.

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