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TV Series is a data cataloguing tool for your favorite TV shows.
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Patrick Negretto

TV Series is a data cataloguing tool for your favorite TV shows. The app allows you to enter the TV shows and series that you usually watch and have all of their information downloaded from the Internet automatically. This is not an app that downloads TV shows for you or that lets you stream them on the Internet. It is rather simply designed to let you have access to TV show info quickly.

You add a TV show by clicking on the "+" button at the bottom of the screen. All you really have to type is the show's name, and the application will do the rest. It automatically downloads show information from It downloads a show description and the list of broadcast episodes and those that are upcoming. One of the interesting features this app has is its integration with iCal. When you go to the list of episodes, you can create an iCal event quite easily to remind you when that episode is supposed to air. TV Series downloads schedules for most shows and it is supposed to constantly update those so they are always current.

In my testing, I added Fringe and Falling Skies to my list of TV series. Both autodownloaded just fine. Fringe had all the episodes that aired, but no information on upcoming episodes. Falling Skies had only one scheduled episode. This is not a fault of the application, but lack of information about the shows.

All in all, this is an interesting app that shows a lot of promise. There are some untranslated parts here and there, but hopefully those will be fixed in the future.

José Fernández
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  • Some parts are not translated
  • It could use some on-screen instructions
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