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"This is a great intro into FCPX.
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***** "This is a great intro into FCPX. Coming from many years with FCPs this helped me get into X."
***** "This app is a great tutorial and step by step. Bottom line highly recommend it."
***** "Very good video guide for Final Cut Pro X!! 5 Stars!!!"
***** "You simply can't go wrong. The things I didn't realise I could do, wow! Five stars."
***** "This program just makes Final Cut Pro come to life and so easy to understand."
***** "Great introduction... a great start to take some of the fear and bewilderment out of the app."
Learn the basics of working with Final Cut Pro X with this video tutorial! Final Cut Pro X is Apple's latest version of their professional video editing software. With this new version, Apple introduced a new way of video editing. We show you how easy it is to do basic video editing to more complex video editing including creating collections, creating connected clips, using Ken Burns on photos and videos, stabilizing clips, adjusting color balance, matching color, and more! This Mac app includes 34 how-to videos. Everything you need to get started with Final Cut Pro X!
Find out how to:
- import and analyze your movies.
- work with events and projects.
- favor and reject clips.
- assign keywords to your clips.
- analyze your clips for people.
- create collections of clips.
- precision edit your clips.
- create auditions in your timeline.
- apply the Ken Burns effect to photos and to your movie clips.
- work with generated objects including placeholders.
- apply themes.
- work with audio.
- stabilize your clips.
- create titles.
- use keyframes.
- create To-Do's in your timeline.
- create a still image from a video clip.
- balance and match colors.
- share your project using the media browser.
Videos included:
- Introduction
- Interface Overview
- Importing and Analyzing Video
- Event Browser and Library
- Rating your Clips
- Using Keywords
- Finding People in your Clips
- Creating Collections
- Projects and Project Properties
- Timeline and Clip Appearance
- Selecting and Adding Clips
- Connected Clips
- Appending and Inserting Clips
- Tools Menu
- Precision Editing
- Trimming Clips
- Auditioning Clips
- Adding Effects
- Adding and Working with Photos
- Ken Burns Effect
- Transforming Clips
- Transitions and Transition Options
- Adding Titles
- Generated Items and Placeholders
- Applying Themes
- Working with Audio
- Stabilizing your Clips
- Working with Keyframes
- Using Markers and To Do's
- Retiming and Slow Motion
- Creating Still Images from Clips
- Color Options
- Sharing your Movie
- Conclusion
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Get the most out of Final Cut Pro X with this Video Tutorial!

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