Tunnel Shoot X 1.0

Tunnel Shoot X is a fast-paced action game for the Mac.
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Team Phobic, LLC.
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Tunnel Shoot X is a fast-paced action game for the Mac. In the game, you control a space-craft that spirals down a vast corridor. There are obstacles that you have to shoot down to keep moving forward. To shoot those obstacles down, you have two weapons at your disposal. There is a cannon and bombs. Both of these weapons get depleted if you use them a lot, so you have to be careful to use them only when it is necessary. After playing the game for a bit, I realized that you depend on the bombs to advance. When you shoot obstacles with your cannon, you can't always get them all out of the way. But with the bombs, everything is cleared from the corridor, and you are free to advance unchallenged.

The game features good graphics and it ran very fast on my Mac. The action was always fast-paced, a bit too fast-paced for me in some instances. There are times when I simply couldn't maneuver around objects and I kept on losing. If you time your weapons well enough, though, the game becomes easier.

In short, Tunnel Shoot X is a nice action game for the Mac. It looks good and it is easy to play.

JF Senior editor
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