TuneLyrics 1.1

Add lyrics and album art to the currently playing song in iTunes.
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Water Drop Software
Add lyrics and album cover to your music tracks. Launch iTunes and play a song to have lyrics and album art automatically searched and added to the currently playing audio file. If the application fails to fetch a result or displays incorrect information, use an integrated Google search button to correct the data.

TuneLyrics... Ever wish that you could know the lyrics to the songs you are listening to on iTunes? Not willing to spend money on costly lyrics-fetching applications? Not anymore. Introducing TuneLyrics, a free alternative lyrics-fetching application that fetches lyrics on-the-fly, while you enjoy your favorite songs on iTunes. No more worries about filling in the lyrics for your songs anymore!! As of now, TuneLyrics will also help you search for high-quality artwork for your songs!! : )

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