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TubeTV is a YouTube video browser and downloader for the Mac.
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TubeTV is a YouTube video browser and downloader for the Mac. It is an app that allows you to browse from your desktop and to watch any video hosted there. For all intents and purposes, the application acts just like a web browser. It allows you to even watch videos on full-screen. The app detects when a video is playing and a download button becomes active, which allows you to download the video. In my testing, I was unable to get the download feature to work at all. I tried with several different videos and when I clicked on the download button and was taken to the downloads window, I heard "finished downloading". There is a voice that tells you when videos have been downloaded, which is a neat feature. However, the videos downloaded didn't work. I don't think anything was downloaded though, those videos I tried the app with were at least 20 megabytes in size and they wouldn't download instantly.

As a video browser, TubeTV works just fine, and it comes with a video converter with conversion profiles for iOS devices like iPhones and AppleTVs. Maybe a future update will solve the download problem.

José Fernández
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  • Good interface
  • It works well as a video browser


  • The video downloader didn't seem to work for me
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